About the GLOW

Isaiah 48:17, “17 Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.”

The G.L.O.W.  is a dynamic place which seeks to fulfill the following purposes:

Evangelism. First and foremost, we want to see every student receive Christ as their personal Saviour!  Furthermore, our desire is that every believer in our ministry be involved in reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship. We want to raise up a generation of Christ-followers! Our desire is that every student will be taught truths from the Word of God that will help them to navigate through their teen years and beyond. Our weekly services have a heavy emphasis on the Word of God.

Fellowship. Friends can either make you or break you! Our desire is that this ministry will be a place where you can connect with people who will not only be your friend, but will also be a spiritual encouragment to you.

Worship. Worship should be done privately and corporately! Our desire is that every student will worship God with their life. When we meet together, our hope is that our worship service is a continuation of our worship throughout the week.

Ministry. There are spectators and there are participants! Our desire is that every student will be involved in Christian service in some capacity. There are numerous opportunities for involvement here in our ministry.

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